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Benefits of Martial Artts

*Unshakeable focus and Attention*​​

In martial arts, we help children calm their minds to give them a sense of unshakeable focus,  As a reult - they make better grade, pay beter attention during conversation, and are overall more calm and at peace..

and as a result, the sile bigger , and often.  They open up more, and feel happier and mre confdent in themselves.

*Better Grades*

Believe it or not - we've seen plenty of kids go from D's and F's to A's and Kids who were making B's and C's afre now makeing A's , too!  When ou learn to control your mind- and direct your focus and energy - the sky's th limit.  Also yur child will feel proud of theire grades.   When you hang thoes great report cards on th fridge - they'll be ecstatic. and you'll get to show them off to all of the other parents, too  :-)
*A Deep Respect for self and Others*​

One of the things parents offen tell us is what their kids's teachers afre saying.  Many teachers are simply dumbfounded by the level of respect kids in martial arts give them.  They refer to them as " Sir " and " Mam am" - and don't have to be told more than once to get things done.  this goes for school, adn home! if you have to tell your child 10x before they'll get anything done - get ready for a major change,,,,,,

*The Ability & Confidence to Stand Up for ThemSelves - and Others*​​

The myth about bullies is absolutely true: if you stand up to them, they back down.  However, most kids are too scared to stand up to them.  But when your child's confidence dramatically grows, they'll  have the confidence to stand up for themselves - and others kids- when a bully gets in their face..

No kid will ever be able to pick on, or take anything away, from your child, Ever, Your child will have the ability, and the confidence to defend them selves and others.
*And of Course - Fun*

Don't be surprised when your kid starts reminding you that it's time to go to Martial Arts Class! it happens all the time. [aremts wjp are ised tp " dragging" ther kids everywhere breathe a sigh of relief....  when there kids are the ones anxious to get out the door.